The first RWii client…

In 2011, Red Wing Brewery became the first client for RWii.

Scott and Norm had a dream of opening a Red Wing craft brewery with a focus on quality and a strong connection to the local brewery history.

It is important to remember that RWii had never incubated a small business before.

But that was okay, because Scott and Norm had never opened a brewery before either.

On paper, Scott and Norm did not appear to be a good risk.  Neither of them had any small business experience, much less running a craft brewery/restaurant.

But they both were very passionate about their dream, they both understood the industry and they had written easily the most thorough and comprehensive business plan that anybody could ask for.



RWii provided the brewery a small amount of seed capital and a solid local network of like-minded individuals with strong small business experience.

RWii and Red Wing Brewery have a shared-belief in grass-roots economic development and the importance of community businesses.

It took nearly a year for Scott and Norm to overhaul the dumpy space they bought into the beautiful building they now have, but they opened in late 2012 and have been providing a quality craft beer ever since.


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