The second RWii client…

Kyle from Lake Pepin Innovations was our second client, immediately after Red Wing Brewery.

Kyle is an inventor. He just looks at things differently.

Kyle is also an avid wake-boarding enthusiast.

One day Kyle asked himself what kind of device could be invented that would eliminate the ski tow boat and the tow crew and enable Kyle to practice various tricks on his own timetable.

Voila! The Encore (m) winch system was invented.

LPI-4In principle, it is a high-torque winch with a user operated start switch.  The high torque allows the skier to get up and out of the water and the tow line is long enough to practice a trick or two.

In practice, it isn’t as simple as that. Various safety controls had to be built into the product and manufacturing had to control costs so that the final product was still affordable.

But enough yackety-yack yack.  Let’s watch the machine in action:

Kyle’s needs from the Incubator were unique from what the Brewery needed.  We did provide a small amount of seed capital to help finalize the design, but Kyle also needed some marketing direction (an incubator mentor helped get him into an adventure sports convention in Florida) and he needed some legal advice, especially as it pertained to product liability.

And finally, Kyle needed some intellectual property protection, so he filed and was awarded US Patent 20120187355 for the Mobile Ski Towing System.

What was particularly impressive is that Kyle created all of the patent drawings himself and self-filed for the patent, which is very unusual.

LPI-3Kyle is smart, ambitious and totally plugged into the millennial frame of mind.

It is safe to say, we learned at least as much working with Kyle as he probably did with us.

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