The Legacy Amendment

In 2008, Minnesota passed the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment (“The Legacy Amendment”) to the Minnesota Constitution.

Minnesota citizens voted overwhelmingly to impose a .375% sales tax upon themselves to :

  • protect drinking water sources,
  • to protect and restore wetlands, prairies, forests, and wildlife habitat,
  • to support parks and trails,
  • to preserve arts and cultural heritage

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund amounts to about $60 million each year.

Of this amount, 47% is distributed to the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Of this amount, 30% is distributed to the 11 Minnesota Regional Arts Centers based on population.

The Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council (SEMAC) receives almost $1MM per year from the Minnesota State Arts Board.  Goodhue County is of 11 counties within SEMAC.

Goodhue represents about 10% of the overall population of SEMAC.

Here is the SEMAC distribution of The Arts and Cultural Fund monies from 2010-2014, based on population distribution (green counties are above 100%, red are below 100%).

Goodhue County is on the wrong side of the bell curve.


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