$1.2 Billion (billion with a B)

logo-newMinnesota citizens are only now beginning to see the fruits of the Legacy Amendment.

The Minnesota DNR website summed it up best…

Making Minnesota Better

“In 2008, Minnesota voters took a bold and historic action by imposing a three-eighths of one percent tax on themselves for 25 years, until 2034, in the name of cleaner water, healthier habitat, better parks and trails and sustaining our arts and cultural heritage. Today, five years later, that tax has generated more than a billion dollars for Legacy projects.”

The Minnesota Legacy Amendment is an amazing success story in which the citizens of Minnesota through direct referendum and overwhelming majority, amended the state constitution to increase a tax upon themselves to pay for:

  1. A cleaner environment
  2. Improved livability
  3. Investment in arts and cultural heritage

It took an entire year for the tax to be collected and it has taken a couple of years to work out a distribution system, but the Legacy Amendment will mean $1.2 billion in arts and cultural heritage funded projects and programs over the 25 year life of the tax.

And a billion of anything is a lot.

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