That was then, this is now…

Three years ago, the Red Wing Innovation Incubator used the results of the Red Wing Creative Economy Report to establish a concrete focus for the incubator.

This report pointed out that the immediate area was on the wrong side of the bell curve when it came to the size of the local creative economy.

This presented the opportunity.  Now we needed a direction.

Film was the initial direction and we recruited Flyway Film Festival, Emergence Pictures and Lu Lippold Media.

That was then, this is now.


In 2016 RWii needed a new focus and a new energy.  The steering committee kicked around a few ideas and finally settled on the literary arts as the next area of economic focus.

Once you have a focus, things fall into place.

JessiSo we immediately recruited Mountain Owl Ink, Le Mieux and Tinderbox Editions.

And so it begins yet again.


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