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That was then, this is now…

Three years ago, the Red Wing Innovation Incubator used the results of the Red Wing Creative Economy Report to establish a concrete focus for the incubator. This report pointed out that the immediate area was on the wrong side of … Continue reading

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How much does RWii cost Joe Lunchpail?

Nothing. RWii has not and doesn’t plan to ask for public funding. We chase private foundations who have plenty of money and they like the idea that they can insist on direct accountability. We like that too. We also count … Continue reading

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Flyway Film Festival

Flyway was the third RWii tenant and very deliberate. Flyway was not invited or asked or made to suffer through a PowerPoint presentation. Flyway was kidnapped.  It just simplified things. The idea was that Flyway would be an anchor tenant … Continue reading

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Blocking and tackling

Blocking and tackling is a phrase that means taking care of the basics. Communities can become fixated on what they are not and ignoring what they are. The basics.  The blocking and tackling. Red Wing is an agriculture and maker … Continue reading

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Do economic development gimmicks work?

In the short term?  Maybe. In the long term? Never. Communities, especially small communities, have a particular vulnerability with economic development schemes. It is called the monorail syndrome. Several years ago Red Wing had SmartCard fever.  The idea was that … Continue reading

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The focus on focus…

There were two immediate observations after the incubator was initially funded: We didn’t know what we didn’t know. This might seem obvious, but it isn’t until you have fumbled through an attempt to help a start-up business that you realize … Continue reading

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The second RWii client…

Kyle from Lake Pepin Innovations was our second client, immediately after Red Wing Brewery. Kyle is an inventor. He just looks at things differently. Kyle is also an avid wake-boarding enthusiast. One day Kyle asked himself what kind of device … Continue reading

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